Supercharge your Productivity: Why API Connections are the secret ingredient

APIs Explained (1)Even for experienced users, it can be difficult to understand the terminology and technology that powers Planability. We’ve asked our Credability Systems 'tech gurus' to clearly explain what makes Planability so unique from any other Plan Management software, and then translated their tech talk into these simple answers...


What is an API connection?

An API (Application Programming Interface) connection is like a bridge that allows different software applications to communicate and share information with each other. It defines a set of rules and protocols that enable one program to request specific data or perform certain actions in another program, usually over the internet.

Every time we use this API connection we make a 'call'. Not literally, but this is the terminology used to describe the request for the other system to complete an action or provide information. 


What are the benefits of using an API connection?

  • Seamless integration and data sharing between two separate systems.
  • Real-Time data continuously refreshes, ensuring information is always up-to-date.
  • Automation between software systems reduces the need for double entry and increases efficiency.
  • A single source of truth for all data. Information in PRODA and PACE is visible in Planability.


How does Planability use NDIS API’s?

Planability currently uses more than twenty (20+) API connections between PRODA and PACE. These form the basis for our unique “Real-time” claims processing - the ability to create and submit a claim and receive a response within seconds. They also streamline a large portion of a Plan Management role by synchronising Plans, Budgets, and Service Bookings to give a live overview of a Participants funding status.

Planability makes over 1 million API calls every week, saving our customers endless hours of administration time in NDIS Portals. 

Essentially, our API's connect to PACE and PRODA, so you don't have to...!

Participant Plans

Simply enter the Participant NDIS number, surname, and date of birth, and Planability automatically retrieves the Participant's current and recent plans and goals information.  

Participant Budgets 

Planability retrieves real-time updates for a Participant's budget information directly from NDIS, ensuring that the funding displayed in Planability is always current and accurate.

Service Bookings 

For non-PACE Participants, Service Bookings can be easily viewed, created, and edited directly from Planability. PACE participants don’t require Service Bookings (read more on that here).


Create payment requests in Planability, submit them directly to PRODA and PACE, and receive a response back on claim adjudication within seconds.  Rest assured that full payment will be completed overnight for approved claims, and that Planability will reconcile completed payment receipts with PRODA.


Receive notifications about Plans, Service Bookings, and Claims to update you on progress.  For example, how much time do you waste when plans change unexpectedly?  With our API integrations, everyone is notified when plans change!


Get Ahead in Plan Management!

Not all Plan Management Software is created equal...

If your Plan Management Software claims to have API connections, but doesn't provide all of these helpful features, then you're missing out on productivity savings! With Planability, you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time supporting your Participants and growing your business.

If you're not already using Planability and would like to see it in action, get in touch for a demonstration today!

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