2024: Update on PACE for Plan Managers


If you're associated with the NDIS in any way, then chances are you’ve heard of the new PACE computer system currently being rolled out. PACE is essentially a new CRM system, portal, and payment system, although the payments haven't been activated yet. The end goal is to design a system that is more user-friendly and efficient for Plan Managers, Support Coordinators and Service providers, so they can focus more of their time on caring for and supporting Participants. It also provide the NDIA with much more flexibility around plans, meaning (hopefully) longer plans and less reviews.

What is the timeline?

The trial started in November 2022, with a geographical test area in Tasmania.

Following that trial, a gradual national rollout commenced on 30th October 2023.

From February 2024, all expiring Plans will start to progressively transition to PACE. The NDIA expect this to take 18 months to fully transition to the new system (Aug 2025). As with any Government project, these times are subject to change, and we can only provide you with the latest information publicly available. 

What are the key changes?

It's important to note that the introduction to PACE doesn't change the fundamentals of the NDIS. There are changes being made to some processes that Plan Managers should familiarise themselves with, but there are also more improvements being added regularly that may not be captured here. 

No More Service Bookings

NDIS plans in PACE won’t have service bookings. Instead, the NDIS has introduced MyProviders for some Participants and categories. For Plan-Managed Participants, only the plan manager needs to be recorded as a MyProvider.

Recording and Changing Plan Managers

Plan Managers need to be recorded as a MyProvider AND as a Plan Manager. This is currently done by the Participant or their nominee contacting the National Contact Centre (NCC), or a Plan Manager can request through the my NDIS provider portal that a participant would like to record them as a plan manager on their plan. 

When a Participant changes Plan Manager, the existing record is end-dated, and new record is created. From that date, claims will only be able to be submitted by the current Plan Manager, but they can submit claims for any period from a participant’s first plan in the new computer system.

Tip: Ensure your Participants have all the information they need before calling the contact centre. They will need your Organisation Name, NDIS Provider Registration Number, and Contact details. Consider adding this to your email signature, or creating a flyer to provide to new Participants with instructions.
Tip: Ensure the relationship is recorded from the start of the plan. This way, you'll be able to process invoices from anytime throughout the duration of the plan.


New Support Categories and Items

There will now be 4 Support Types and 21 Support Categories. You can view the summary of changes here.

New Provider Portal and Visible Information

All existing providers who access the myplace provider portal will be able to access the myNDIS provider portal. With consent, Plan Managers will be able to see if a participant has any self and Agency-managed supports, as well as how much funding is available in the participant's plan for their fees.

Participant Check-ins, Variations and Reviews

Participants circumstances can change, and with PACE this is handled a little differently, with three common terms:

  • Check-In: These can be scheduled or unscheduled to ensure everything is still running smoothly. A scheduled check-in will be done approximately annually, whereas unscheduled check-ins can be triggered by a variety of events, such as under or overspending.
  • Plan Variation: A great thing about PACE is that small variations such as goals, contact information, fund management method, crisis or emergency funding can be made easily.
  • Plan Reassessment: A new plan may still be issued by way of a plan reassessment if plans no longer meet Participants' needs or their support needs change.
Tip: These plan variations are great for flexibility, however Plan Managers should be vigilant about monitoring which support categories were included in the plan during which period to avoid claim errors.


PlanAbility-R-2-col-lime-moss-LogoHow does Planability manage PACE?

Great news! Planability has been fully operational with PACE API’s since April 2023, and our clients are already successfully managing a large percentage of PACE participants. 

There are no changes to the claims or payments process when managing a PACE participant. The direct integration allows for “Real-time” claims processing across both systems, through one easy dashboard. Updates have been made to easily identify when a participant plan is managed through PACE, as well as viewing Participant goals and approved budgets. 

We've created a short video for you to see how PACE works with our software:

Where can I find more information?

At Credability Systems, we’ve been keeping ourselves updated on everything PACE. There are plenty of resources available, but our suggestion for Plan Managers is visit the dedicated page specifically for Plan Managers to download the NDIA material first, which takes you through everything you need to know.

For those that need more information, here are some additional helpful links to familiarise yourself with the new system:

Are you looking for specific information on using Planability to manage PACE participants? Search for PACE in our Knowledge Base, or contact Support with any specific questions and our team will be happy to help.

Note: This update is relevant as at 13th March 2024 and should be used for informational purposes only. Please refer to the official NDIS websites for the most up-to-date information and processes.