Planability is PACE-Ready! Are you?

Let's face it, for the majority of us, PACE has been a bit of a concern for some time now- mainly as it has thrown a shadow of uncertainty across the future NDIS experience for everyone!
Fear not- Credability Systems has you covered!
Credability Systems is one of the first software aggregators to have been approved to access the PACE APIs and we are proud to announce that our "PACE-Ready" Planability solution is live.
Planability is now compatible with PACE and will allow you to make claims and manage the plans of participants who are a part of the Tasmanian PACE pilot.
As a part of this update, we are accessing the new NDIS APIs that provide access to additional participant information about budgets and goals.
Even more exciting is the fact that PACE and PRODA participants will seamlessly co-exist in the one version of Planability- while our backend systems operate based on which system the participant is managed in.
There are still a number of unanswered questions that have been raised around PACE, and there will be more changes ahead, but as Planability users, our Plan Managers, your participants, and their carers are in the best position to manage the path ahead.
We are all about the experience!
For more detail, you can read our article "What's New In Planability" in our Customer Help Centre, or if you are looking for a PACE-ready plan management software, reach out to us for a demonstration!