Why Plan Managers Love Planability

Why you need Planability (1)

Plan Managers are reimbursed a fixed rate per participant per month for their services. Successful plan management revolves around improving business efficiencies and streamlining daily administrative tasks. Many Plan Managers choose to use purpose-built software to assist with this, and an increasing number are turning to Planability as a future-proof solution for their business.

What makes Planability Different?
Planability is a dedicated Plan Management software that streamlines the time-consuming and complex tasks associated with Plan Management. The platform has been built specifically for the NDIS, paying close attention to simplicity and usability for Plan Managers. Planability’s unique offerings centre around ‘Real-Time’ claims processing, using API’s to directly integrate with the NDIS PRODA and PACE portals.  Among other benefits, these integrations provide instant claims approvals and virtually remove the need for plan managers to even log into the NDIS portals. 


Yes, you heard that right! Planability is already managing a large percentage of PACE participants during the current trial. Our API's integrate directly into both PRODA and PACE, from the unified Planability dashboard, with no change to the claims or payments process within Planability.

Our Support team has been attending PACE information sessions and ensuring they're up-to-date to assist with potential risks and changes as they are identified.


"Real-time" Claims Processing
Entering a claim is fast and easy, either through manual data entry or using the automated scanning engine. Once reviewed, the plan manager submits the "invoice" within Planability and, within seconds, a claims response is received with an associated Payment Reference Number (PRN) for each claim line, so the plan manager knows immediately that the invoice will be paid out in full.


Reduced Human Error
Planability incorporates multiple safety guardrails to minimise the risk of human errors and potential fraudulent activity including checking provider ABN’s, weekend and public holiday verification, and incorporating the NDIS price guide for pricing compliance. Available funds and existing service agreements are also checked at the time of invoice input to determine if funds are available.


Live Budget Status
Planability provides real-time visibility of a plan's budget, designed to be simple and easy to read. Participants, Carers, and Support Coordinators can also be granted access to view plan funding status, receive statements and approve invoices. This can help all stakeholders make informed decisions about how to allocate funds, ensuring that the plan stays within budget and that the participant's needs are met.


Reduced Interruptions for Audits
Respond quickly and comprehensively to audit requests with Planability, using the detailed reporting functionality. Invoices remain intact in the system, together with the PRN reference numbers for each line item, so you can access and respond to detailed audit requests quickly with minimal interruptions to your business.


Comprehensive Reporting
Planability has been developed to allow plan managers to easily track client budgets, produce summary reports, automated monthly participants statements, check scanning usage, and so much more. These reports can provide valuable insights into the plan's budget and spending.


Experienced Support
Most importantly, Planability is backed by a dedicated Australian-based support team with lived experience to guide you through onboarding, provide staff training, and continued support as required. Our Plan Managers love how easy it is to contact support and the quick responses they receive.


Short of time?
If you can't find 1 hour out of your day to see how Planability can help you, then you definitely need Planability! 

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