NIB Thrive: an existential threat to the Plan Management industry?

Our support for the NDIS Plan Management sector remains unwavering. We wholeheartedly believe that Plan Management is the ONLY readily available means of maintaining accountability and financial oversight for more than half of the total NDIS spending. There are approximately 1,500 businesses in Australia that have undergone stringent quality and safeguard measures to become Plan Managers, and it is disheartening to witness the attempts of NIB Thrive to dismantle all of that hard work and dedication.

This is a matter that demands attention and action.

NIB Thrive has lodged three separate submissions to the NDIS Review, which can be accessed through the following links:

If the NIB Thrive 'NDIS Future State' Model is to be taken at face value, then they propose to partner with the NDIA to assume control of Plan Management and the facilitation of services. This proposal poses multiple questions and concerns for stakeholders within the NDIS, including Participants, and undermines the core values of the NDIS, which aim to empower individuals with disabilities by granting them choice and control over their own lives.

“Our vision for nib Thrive is to provide participants with an end-to-end and integrated experience as it relates to plan design, procurement of support services and ongoing management of those support services and participants’ budget. Essentially, this would involve merging the functions of the Local Area Coordinators, Support Coordinators and Plan Managers and viewing these as all “intermediaries”." Source: NIB Thrive NDIS Submission SUB-W1V2-003842, Page 2.


What does this mean for Plan Management?

The 'Future State' model poses a significant threat to thousands of small providers, including the Plan Management industry, by amalgamating multiple essential roles into one 'system navigator'. This concept instantly raises major conflict of interest concerns with only one company responsible for an 'end-to-end and integrated experience'

A large majority of Plan Management agencies are smaller, independent agencies offering boutique service and support with a friendly face. These smaller agencies generally utilise technology (like Planability) to streamline their daily processes, and are able to specialise and adapt processes quickly and easily to support specific needs of people with disabilities. 


What does this mean for Participant's "Choice and Control"?

"The NDIS was set up as a world first approach to disability support. It puts people with disability at the centre of decision-making, through the principles of reasonable and necessary supports and individual choice and control." Source: NDIS Operational Guidelines - Reasonable and Necessary Supports, 2022, Page 2

If the NIB Thrive 'NDIS Future State' Model were to be implemented, Participants' right to choose their Plan Manager and/or Support Coordinator would be removed. With one single corporation overseeing all of the pre-planning, plan implementation, financial management and service provision, Participants would be left with no alternative for these critical aspects of their plans, essentially undermining the objects and principles of the NDIS Act. Source: National Disability Insurance Scheme Act, 2013, Part 2 - Objects and Principles.

What happens next?

In response to these concerning submissions, we have taken decisive action and leveraged our political influence to ensure that this proposal receives thorough scrutiny from both sides of politics. Our ultimate objective is to have this proposal dismissed as swiftly as possible, and to reassure Plan Managers of their futures. Additionally, we have proactively engaged with the media to raise awareness among the Australian public about this critical issue.

We value the input and perspectives of all Plan Managers, whether they are our customers or not. If you wish to discuss any aspect of this matter with Angela Vithoulkas, our dedicated representative, please do not hesitate to share your comments and thoughts with us at: '

You can view our Media Release here.