4 Tips to Grow your Plan Management Business

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At Credability systems, we see Plan Management at the heart of a successful NDIS. The management of an NDIS plan is a unique role and can be a time-consuming process. With compensation capped at a set rate per participant, streamlining business processes is the best option for continued growth. We’ve gathered four tips for Plan Managers to create a more efficient workflow and help them grow their business.

  • Invest in the right tools.

When it comes to the many ways to manage a plan management business, we’ve seen it all. From post-it notes to excel spreadsheets, stray paper with client notes and filed paper invoices, collating all the information required to manage a participant can be overwhelming. Introducing an NDIS-specific software platform is one way to streamline this process and gather all the information you need in one place for ease of access. Software such as Planability has been designed to reduce the complexity in day-to-day workload by automating many of the manual administration tasks associated with plan management, such as budget tracking and invoicing. Additional safeguards are in place to reduce errors and identify potential fraud. Incorporating Planability into your business can give you back essential time to increase your participant load while still providing a high level of care. 

  • Differentiate your business.

With over 1,500 registered plan management companies, differentiation is key to standing out and enticing new customers. There are a variety of offerings - some companies choose to focus solely on plan management, others incorporate community outreach or additional support services. It is important to do your research to determine the needs of your local community and then communicate how your business meets these. Credability Systems has developed an ecosystem of solutions, from plan management software to same-day payments for service providers and next-business-day dispatch of essential NDIS products with Bettercaremarket. Taking advantage of these offerings could put you ahead of the competition with additional value creation for your customers.

  • Grow your knowledge base.

Another way to improve efficiencies is to ensure that plan managers are continuously trained and supported. The NDIS guidelines and policies are regularly updated, and it’s essential that plan managers stay informed of any changes to remain compliant. There are plenty of resources available to continuously broaden your knowledge and stay up to date. By ensuring your team is well-versed in a variety of areas, participants can be assured of the service they are receiving and trust that their NDIS plan is being managed correctly. 

  • Collaborate with your community.

There are many ways of finding new business, and word of mouth is a great tool for participants discovering new services. Collaborating with service providers, support coordinators and the wider community allows you to showcase your company and create a network of recommendations. Local events and disability expos are another great way to market your business, often giving opportunities to talk directly with participants and carers to gain insights and better understand their needs. 

Credability Systems is dedicated to growing the importance of Plan Management within the NDIS. With our specific solutions, we cater to the needs of businesses looking to streamline administration and create additional value for their consumers. The goal being to grow plan management businesses using tailored technology, differentiation, increased knowledge and community collaboration. By implementing these strategies, Plan Managers can better support an increasing number of NDIS participants and help them achieve their goals.

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